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We know that the most important things to a family are a good-paying job and a great education for their children, and these major. With Governor Scott leading the way, partners such as Jungle Island, Sawgrass Recreation Park, Medieval Times, ResortQuest and thousands more can continue attracting record numbers of visitors to businesses across the state. I am forever grateful for your hard work. Estimates also show that 2. For Q1 , the number of rooms sold grew by 2. With Lowering your natural gas bill is a piece of cake At Infinite Energy, we want to make it easy for you to manage your energy account.

Call today, and find out how you can get a custom natural gas plan that combines low rates with great service. Their experience, commitment to service and industry knowledge was instrumental in guiding us through the process of hedging our rates, resulting in valuable cost savings. We highly recommend teaming up with Infinite Energy! Attendees began at the Donald L. Thank you to all of the legislators who met with us, speakers and to the sponsors and our attendees for traveling from all over this beautiful state. Tourism Day Rally with Gov.

FRLA members attended meetings with elected officials during the afternoon. A strong contingency of Chapter members and leadership attended Tourism Day. FRLA held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our newly renovated headquarters during the Tourism Day reception. Senator Jack Latvala at Tourism Day. In , the Sunshine State proudly welcomed million visitors. This marks the sixth consecutive record year for visitation and demonstrates the power of tourism marketing. VISIT FLORIDA entered into a legally binding contractual agreement with the state that includes: new contract requirements, posting contracts online, new staff travel procedures, new purchasing rules to improve efficiency, new ethics requirements and public records training for staff.

Transparency and accountability language, from HB 9, was inserted into the conforming bill. SB and HB were never heard in the committee process. Senate budget chief Jack Latvala amended HB 1A, creating four private match categories, and removed limitations for destination marketing organizations, allowing tourist development tax dollars to be used as matching funds. As an industry that prides itself on giving customers a warm welcome and providing outstanding service, HB will continue to strengthen the services provided to guests who have disabilities.

After the inspection, the expert will recommend a plan that will correct the violations within a reasonable time frame. In , Florida preempted vacation rental regulation to the state, preventing local governments from enacting any new law that restricted the use of vacation rentals, prohibited vacation rental or regulated vacation rentals based on their classification, use or occupancy. In , the Legislature revised the preemption of so that local governments can regulate vacation rentals, provided the regulations do not regulate the duration or frequency of vacation rentals.

The bill would reduce the. HB sponsored by Rep. Leek, R — Daytona Beach and Rep. Edwards, D — Sunrise This legislation will give businesses the opportunity to. HB also requires a vacation rental to submit a vacation rental license, copy of certificate of registration and emergency contact information, but the information contained in the documents can only be used for informational purposes. This legislation clarifies the responsibilities of the Division of Alcohol Beverages and Tobacco, as well as revising provisions relating to alcoholic beverage licenses, employment of minors, relating to special licenses and record requirement for caterers, and requirements for annual license tax for distillery and craft distilleries.

Unlike most other consumer goods, the market for alcohol in the United States has a long history of regulation from both state and federal governments. Since the repeal of Prohibition in the United States, Florida has abided by a strict threetiered system to regulate alcoholic beverages. Any business that sells alcohol in Florida must obtain one of these three licenses: manufacturer, distributor or vendor. With new industries popping up across the nation, Florida is starting to realize just how antiquated the three-tier system has become.

This legislation does not require a business to change, but simply gives businesses with at least 10, sq. HB provides necessary and long overdue language as it relates to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Department of Business and Professional Regulations. HB also amends the definition of wine to include sake.

Augustine and Representative Raschein, R — Key Largo The bill increases the number of factory sealed containers of distilled spirits that can be sold in a face-to-face transaction, from a maximum of four containers to a maximum of six containers of each brand, per year. The bill also permits vendors to accept no more than 10 cases per year of glassware from distributors. This legislation allows brew pubs to transfer beer to a restaurant, of common owner affiliation, which is part of a restaurant group of no more than 15 restaurants. It also limits the number of pieces authorized per calendar year and restricts the vendor from selling or returning glassware for cash, credit or replacement.

This legislation also specifies that glassware may not be used to persuade or require the use of one manufacturer, distiller, brewer, vintner or wholesaler. SB and HB amends the Florida Statute to place liability for injury or damage caused by knowingly providing an alcoholic beverage to a person who is visibly intoxicated, a minor without making reasonable inquiries of age or a person who is habitually addicted to alcoholic beverages.

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Also, any person who controls a property and has actual knowledge that alcoholic beverages are in possession of or being consumed by a minor in or at the property and fails to take reasonable steps to prevent the consumption commits a misdemeanor in the second degree. This document legally binds both parties, laying out the rights and obligations of each. SB and HB proposed a fundamental alteration of franchise relationships, focusing mostly on franchise terminations, non-renewals and transfers. These bills contain numerous provisions harmful to franchising, franchisors, franchisees and the public alike.

But, the bills particularly target franchisors, drastically restricting their ability to protect their brands.

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Several bills were filed this year with that goal in mind. After much debate on the proper way to begin the reduction of the business rent tax, HB was the only successful piece of legislation to reduce the tax.

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HB is a large tax package presented by the House that reduces the business rent tax from 6. Pari-mutuels are facilities that hold gambling events like horse races, greyhound races or jai alai matches where any gambling wins come from the money provided by losing bets. The failing of the gaming bills this year was largely in part to philosophical differences between the two chambers.

Careers for Color Connoisseurs & Other Visual Types (Vgm Careers for You Series)

The House bill wanted to ban pari-mutuels from adding slot machines in the eight counties where voters have authorized the games — Brevard, Duval, Gadsden, Lee, Hamilton, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Washington counties. The House believes that gambling impacts adjacent cities and counties, not just the counties where slots are added. The Senate was adamant that the eight counties should be able to proceed and respect the decision of the eight counties. The Florida Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on a case related to a small horserace track in Gadsden County.

That county voted to allow slot machines at the pari-mutuel. If the court favors the track, it would allow the slot machines there without any action by the Legislature. The fate of the Seminole compact is still unclear as lawmakers could not agree on legislation. After two Florida Supreme Court rulings and a The primary vehicle for implementing the beach management planning recommendations is the Florida Beach Management Funding Assistance Program, which is a program established for the purpose of working in concert with local, state and federal government entities to achieve the protection, preservation and restoration of the coastal sandy beach resources of the state.

Petersburg and Representative Moraitis, R — Fort Lauderdale SB revises the beach nourishment and inlet management project funding criteria and requires a minimum distribution of the lesser of 7. Since the beginning of indexing in , the minimum wage rate has increased an average of fifteen cents per year. The approval of the budget is the one duty the Legislature is required to complete each session.

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The Triumph Gulf Coast Board is tasked to make awards to programs and projects that meet the priorities for economic recovery, diversification and enhancement of the disproportionately affected counties. HB permits funds to be used toward tourism and economic development and requires each board of county commissioners in the eight counties to solicit proposed projects and programs from.

The submitted list must include projects and programs submitted by other elected local governing boards and recommendations by the board of county commissioners. Remaining funds are unrestricted and can be appropriated at the discretion of Triumph Gulf Coast, provided they meet other legal requirements. Approximately 30, students and more than high schools participate in HEP. This program helps the hospitality industry grow its future workforce by producing a pool of certified and immediately employable workers with the proper skill set to be an asset to the industry.

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Gives businesses the opportunity to voluntarily hire a state certified expert to identify ADA violations. Repeals the antiquated separation requirement, allowing the sale of alcohol alongside beer and wine in the same aisle, and within the same store. After the House and Senate approved their separate gaming bills, negotiations to reach a compromise failed and the conference committees were dissolved.

The minimum wage bill was never heard in a committee. Provides relief to the eight counties affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Permits funds to be used towards tourism and economic development. HB passed unanimously in both chambers and addresses accessibility to places of public accommodation. Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act over 20 years ago, all places open to the public have made great strides to ensure access to all citizens and visitors.

Hospitality is the essence of our industry.

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Be it at a restaurant, hotel or theme park, we want all of our guests to be comfortable and have an enjoyable time. Each and every day, we strive to provide guests, who include the entire spectrum of the population, the best possible experience. This bipartisan bill sponsored by Representative Leek and Senator Stewart, is an acknowledgement of a serious problem facing the hospitality industry.

For years, the Americans with Disabilities Act has been the pole star for making sure all guests receive accommodations to make their stay enjoyable. Unfortunately, a small group of individuals have twisted the good intent of the ADA into a full-time industry of frivolous lawsuits — sometimes to the extent that these lawsuits are predatory in nature.

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  7. The bill is good public policy. It provides Florida businesses a resource to correct deficiencies and to efficiently resolve disputes involving ADA issues that are found to exist. It requires a remediation plan that identifies the deficiency and the corrective action to be taken. The courts can consider the. But making another law is only a partial solution. It is up to the hospitality industry to assist the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the development of rules to make this new program work effectively. This is a real opportunity for the hospitality industry to have a say in correcting an abuse against frivolous lawsuits.

    If this bill does anything, it reaffirms the commitment of our elected officials to ensure that the intent and purpose of the ADA is fully and fairly complied with while, at the same time, reducing frivolous lawsuit abuses. It is one of those bills that should have made the headlines. Because of the growing number of new alcoholic beverage products entering the market, the intent of the Industry Notice was to clarify classifications of beverages to ensure consistency and compliance with registration and reporting. The classification of alcoholic beverages is really simple.

    How complicated can it be?