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After making the house airtight, super insulating the house may be the second most cost-effective strategy for creating a zero energy home. Energy modeling, as mentioned in step 2, above, can help you optimize the insulation levels for the ceiling, walls and floors. Select framing strategies that make it easier to insulate the building envelope and minimize thermal bridging.

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Water heating is often the largest energy expense in a zero energy home after heating and cooling. So it is important for designers and builders to select and locate efficient hot water heating technology, along with other measures, to minimize hot water use.

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  • Windows and doors are like big energy holes in a well insulated, airtight building envelope and are the third most cost-effective strategy for making a home energy efficient. Control window and door heat loss and gain by selecting appropriate window and door products, carefully locating them, and optimizing their size and orientation.

    Using the sun for heating through south facing windows during the winter lowers heating costs.

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    Shading those same windows in summer lowers cooling costs. Since zero energy homes are so airtight, a continuous source of fresh filtered air and moisture control are critical to its success. This need for ventilation has a silver lining: zero energy homes are healthier and more comfortable than standard homes.

    Highly energy efficient ventilation systems, known as heat recovery ventilation HRV systems or energy recovery ventilation ERV systems expel stale air while recovering its heat and returning that same heat to the home with the fresh air. Highly-efficient, cost-effective, heating and cooling systems are essential to meeting the net zero energy goal.

    10 Amazing Tips for Building Energy Efficient Homes

    One good choice is an air source ductless heat pump, also called a mini-split heat pump. Minimizing energy use for lighting, while optimizing light for residents, is an important feature of zero energy homes. Both types of mortgage are contingent on an inspection and home energy rating to assure the lender of probable monthly efficiency gains. Any mortgage program insured by the federal government offers energy efficient mortgages, which come in three main types: conventional, FHA and VA.

    182. Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for your home

    For FHA loans , EnergyStar rules dictate that the maximum amount of the portion of the mortgage allocated for efficiency upgrades can be the lesser of 5 percent of:. Upgrades covered by this and other loans might include solar heating systems, caulking and weather-stripping, furnace efficiency improvements, insulation, storm windows, heat pumps and more.

    Common misconceptions about energy efficiency

    Department of Energy standards. The lender will use the inspection report to help decide how much the property will gain from the proposed efficiency improvements. According to the U.