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A harsh and probably murderous kind of dictator; a " fascist dictator" as opposed to a "benign dictator". If applied unfairly, a parent authority who is doing their job within reason, but their teen either doesn't agree with their agenda 10 PM curfew to help perform well in morning school , or is insincerely asserting their parent to be a harsh disciplinarian , in order to bond socially with friends.

If capitalized, is the name of the historic Italian Fascist political party. Benito Mussolini Il Duce - "The Leader" was the Fascist founder and Prime Minister from to , who built a cult of personality around himself using false media propaganda that he was always right, killed those relatively few unbrainwashed who opposed him, and unified Italy for an incompetent war to retake much of the old Roman empire. Apologists encapsulated their approval of his social control-freakery in the saying, "Il Duce made the trains run on time".

Background: "fascist" connotates an official form of antisocial behavior, if society is understood to have valid comfort needs not met by a harsh authoritarian work ethic or supervision style. As the global population increases, it will continue as one of the future's most important social issues. Parents can be both fairly or unfairly labeled, because some parents are minor fascists, yet teens can't always tell what is fascist over-control, from what is just good parenting.

Near-synonyms: Many folks should have said "fascist", if they misused "nazi" in poor taste, since the latter is properly reserved for genocide and extermination concerns only.

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But there are several nation-state military examples where the races have worked together to control the population in arguably fascist or at least military styles. Unwary citizens can be duped by two-faced "cryptofascist" policies. For example, people in a dangerous neighborhood might accept a policy of police searching all houses for weapons. But the real purpose of the searches might be to locate books supporting the political opposition, and to intimidate or arrest people found nearby.

What is fascism?

Mussolini was the original cryptofascist, because he started his political life as a Socialist, and then turned against his former political friends when he came into power as a Fascist. See FAcist. Fascist unknown. Anyone you don't agree with. Someone who believes that everyone should act the same and tries to enforce sameness on everyone at all costs. Religious extremists are fascists.

Leaders of internet interest groups tend to be fascists by discouraging anyone who expresses any view that is not already agreed upon as "correct" by long-term members, and so those groups stagnate in the name of conformity. Mussolini in Italy defined Fascism as his political party. It was also totalitarian and tyrannical and involved more defined topics. A supporter of a form of government characterized by the merging of business leadership and the state, rigid one-party rule by the extreme right-wing emphasizing strong centralized power, with militarism , an aggressive nationalism, and the suppression of all opposition.

Key elements of a fascist state were exhibited both in Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to danger.

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It works the same in any country. Advisor to Adolph Hitler "The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly…it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Fascism generally features politicians who favor one-party dictatorship above democracy.

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Fascism favors a glorified sense of nationalism and often of race over the individual. In governance it favors centralized government and is heavily militaristic. Actually, when you compare fascism with communism it is pretty much the same thing, though the German and Italian fascists always were smarter dressers, and their guns usually worked better.

The communists even caught up eventually with German racism. Both the Germans and the Russians were anti-Semites. What is more, now that the latest edition of Democrat is coming out as a socialist I guess they have all the more reason to stay clear of calling Donald a communist or Stalin or Castro.

These Democrats are at least Stalinists in the economic sense, and they can always adopt the one-party ism and militarism later. Yet to return to my original point about the effect these coarse terms are having on the public discourse, particularly for the media and the Democrats. All the media and the Democrats achieve it seems to me is that they enrage Donald, who resorts to his Twitter account and fires off a volley that leaves the media and the Democrats the worse for wear.

The fact is that Donald is better at it than they are and he usually amuses. The media and the Democrats never do. Hitler was not funny. Nor was communism.

What to Know About the Origins of Fascism’s Brutal Ideology

When the race really gets under way, what will Donald make of poor old Joe Biden, the gaffable one I shall take credit for that one. Neil is not even an American. Well done, Donald! Beto has yet to recover. There will be two dozen more Democratic candidates who bite the dust before Donald finishes off the final Democratic candidate. Will the candidate be the one from South Bend, or is there another would-be John F.

Kennedy out there? It is going to be vastly amusing. As I say, it is destructive language from both sides, but from one side it is at least amusing.

Portland Antifa are the real fascists | Coffee House

I noticed this when I first met Donald in He is very entertaining. I can well imagine long after Donald is out of office relaxing with friends and watching old tapes of Donald up against the Republican gang in and then Donald against Hillary, agelastic Hillary. She thought she could beat him, and after she lost she plotted with her friends in the intelligence community to run him out of office. She, a life-long liberal, threw in with certain chieftains of the FBI and the CIA and presumably others to turn these institutions against the American people in an election.

They were the kind of liberals who were always haranguing us against the police power of the state. But they were the first in American history to turn the intelligence community against us. Hillary has been a malign force in American politics from her early days. I am glad she turned her back on Goldwaterism.

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Antifa — Fascists?

The Current Crisis. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. Hot Off The Press.