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Mission St. Formerly, it was a semi-autonomous division of the Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce, and is now an independent organization. Nina B. Patricia B. Bethany H. Read More. Updates From Our Blog. Yes, I am Really That Excited!!! Earlier, Santa's Brother has reportedly shot a kid and an old man in the kneecaps, but he claims that this was in Florida , so it was "ok".

This could mean that the old man that Santa's Brother shot was Filthy Frank himself. In another video, Frank claimed that he "burned a kid in a wheelchair Frank is usually seen wearing a light blue buttoned shirt with rolled sleeves, along with any kinds of pants or footwear.

He almost always wears glasses. The Dark Lord that monolithically reigns over Frank and his realms, Chin-Chin is both his deity and graven image.

Frank used to respect and fear Chin-Chin before it was revealed he doesn't have the godhood he claims he has. After the death of Dade, Frank came to resent and outright insult Chin-Chin, referring to him as a "stupid poopy face".

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But, Chin-Chin remained indifferent to his plight, only caring about the sacrifices in order to get more chromosomes. After his banishment and subsequent return, Frank no longer shows fear towards Chin-Chin and openly opposes him, going so far as to question the latter's godhood.

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Proud father and beloved friend, Dade, Chin-Chin rest his soul, was Frank's father and only named parent. Frank seemed to be confused when around him, as he once called him "Bald Man" instead of father.

One of his greatest friends, acquaintances, fellow musicians, and in some cases minion, Pink Guy is Frank's go-to guy. Together for an uncountable number of chromosomes , the pair have had many journeys, suffered much tragedy, and experienced many wonders. When Pink Guy has seizures or extreme fits of masturbation, Frank finds it to be "pretty funny", and even tries to safeguard him from Jamal by stating that Pink Guy "is just trying to express himself.

A man of exquisite physique. When he and Frank are in the same area, Prometheus becomes the alpha male and dominates the situation. He takes offense during the Batsu Games when Frank compliments his musculature, striking him with slaps. Another good friend of Frank's, with whom he has shared many autistic experiences. He's thought to be Papa Franku's second right-hand man, since Franku may indeed have two right hands. Sometimes, Red Dick can be seen guarding over Frank when he is in hiding, as he did so silently when Frank was late with Chin-Chin's sacrifices.

Filthy Frank

A strictly platonic, somewhat middle ground relationship is shared between these two individuals. A random squatter who stays in his home, Safari Man is usually uncaring and apathetic to Frank when he is in a bad situation, is extremely selfish, steals Frank's porn, and hides at any immediate signs of threat i.

Frank's closet upon Chin-Chin's arrival in his room. Frank even tried to offer him up to Chin-Chin in place of Salamander Man, and he describes him as "an asshole. Salamander Man is also a devout minion of Frank, and is usually the scout who warns Frank of impending danger or threats.

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Frank regards Salamander Man as a great musician and has even rescued him from Chin-Chin. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Filthy Frank Biographical info Full name Dr.

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Filthy Professor Filthy Frank Dr. Now that's debatable. Now I believe there have always been stupid people. But the internet provides greater opportunity for stupidity to be expressed and paraded. In this day and age with the internet, ignorance is a choice! Contents [ show ]. Wh-Why do I hang out with you guys? Those are some nice muscles, mane. Frank vs. Banana Outcome: Won Frank vs. Weeaboo Jones Outcome: Won Frank vs. Animespawns Outcome: Interrupted by Pookie's weeabooism Frank vs. I was asked everything from what colors I like and dislike to what other brands I wear to how I like my clothes to fit and pretty much everything in between.

Next came the fun part.

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