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There are also additional series of thematic articles. Learning how to manage the browser page: add elements, manipulate their size and position, dynamically create interfaces and interact with the visitor.

We want to make this open-source project available for people all around the world. Tutorial map.

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Table of contents Main course contains 2 parts which cover JavaScript as a programming language and working with a browser. Part 1. We concentrate on the language itself here, with the minimum of environment-specific notes. An introduction. An Introduction to JavaScript. Manuals and specifications. JavaScript Fundamentals. The modern mode, "use strict". Type Conversions. Interaction: alert, prompt, confirm. Conditional operators: if, '?

Logical operators. The "switch" statement. Function expressions and arrows. JavaScript specials.

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Code quality. Debugging in Chrome. Automated testing with Mocha. Objects: the basics. Garbage collection. Object methods, "this". Object to primitive conversion. Constructor, operator "new".

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Data types. Methods of primitives. WeakMap and WeakSet. Destructuring assignment. Advanced working with functions. Rest parameters and spread operator. Function object, NFE. The "new Function" syntax. Scheduling: setTimeout and setInterval. Arrow functions revisited. Object properties configuration. Property flags and descriptors. Property getters and setters. Prototypes, inheritance.

Prototypal inheritance. Native prototypes. Class inheritance. Static properties and methods. Private and protected properties and methods. Extending built-in classes. Class checking: "instanceof". Error handling. Error handling, "try.. Custom errors, extending Error. Introduction: callbacks. Promises chaining.

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Error handling with promises. Generators, advanced iteration. Async iterators and generators. Modules, introduction. Dynamic imports. Browser environment, specs.

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Node properties: type, tag and contents. Attributes and properties. Modifying the document.

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Originally used to create interactive web pages and handle basic form validation, JavaScript is now the backbone of many complex web applications. As a result, people who can program well with JavaScript are in high demand for a wide range of projects.

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If you want to work with web technologies, you should know JavaScript. This book aims to provide both a complete reference for JavaScript and to cover the fundamentals of the language. Our overall goal was to cover all the topics you need to work with JavaScript in projects of any size. Who is this book for? This book is aimed at two audiences: people who already know JavaScript and need a solid reference, and people who are just learning the language and want to come up to speed quickly. In either case we assume you have at least a basic background in programming.

We also assume you have a basic understanding of CSS and how to use it to manage the appearance of your web pages. Finally, we assume you have a basic understanding of the web and its underlying protocols. If you have never written a line of code in your life, or if you are brand new to web technologies, this might not be the best book for you.

But as long as you have a basic understanding of programming and web technologies, this book can help you learn JavaScript. Overview This book is divided into two sections. The first section is devoted to teaching the basics of JavaScript and its related technologies.