Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts

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Meat was expensive and greens, called horta, were plentiful. They built upon these basic components with staples like beans, nuts, grains, good olive oil, olives, capers, local cheeses, and yogurt—and occasionally cured or fresh fish.

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Shop with your head up, not buried in a list; look, touch, taste, and smell what the market has to offer. Go to your local farmers market without a recipe or shopping list in hand; choose the seasonal produce that inspires you, and only then search the pages that follow for recipes that will showcase your fresh ingredients.

If you want to learn how to build your pantry with essential Mediterranean ingredients and how to cook from scratch in well-planned stages, these sections are beautifully laid out with stories from her experiences and those of her ancestors. Aglaia takes you on a trip to a time when cooks wasted nothing and grandmothers lived to 98 years-old, giving and taking their own advice for daily doses of yogurt to ensure good health.

BYT Interviews: Aglaia Kremezi, author of Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts

They take me to a far away place that I can recreate easily in my own kitchen, using the same ingredients she would on her beautiful Greek island. Thank you, Aglaia! Hollie founded JoyFoodly, a San Francisco mission based company, to create a new food culture where kids and families celebrate the JOY of good food together.

Hollie is passionate about helping parents feel good about the food they feed their kids. Joyful 12 enter here.

Homemade Falafel

Nettle Soup with Mushrooms and Yogurt. Save Recipe. Prep How I got organized before cooking this recipe.

Mango & Tomato: Aglaia Kremezi's Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts

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A Mediterranean Vegetarian Feast

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Mediterranean Style Vegetable Pasta - Zoodles - Vegan - Korenn Rachelle

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