Mumbai: An Expat Information and Survival Guide

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Help the expats in understanding the major festivals celebrated across the country along with regional festivals that they should be aware of. Provide them with a list of major holidays and festivals observed in the country and the particular region they are residing in. This will impact their work, the schools their kids go to, and the hired help they keep at home.

Introducing India to the expats can be a tedious task initially. In order to avoid confusion and time, start with a guide to the city in which they will be living. Focus on essentials -police, hospitals, essential services, as well as entertainment and shopping options. In order to survive in India, it is useful to learn or know at least a few basic words or phrases in Hindi or the local dialect of their residing area. Along with the diverse culture, India boasts of a wide culinary variety.

A guide for internationals looking for a taste of home in Vienna: 18 exotic & expat food stores

Every region has a different taste, cuisine, and recipes. It will be a good idea to introduce the expats to this wide range of delectable food choices. They can start slow and then get more adventurous with the spice and oil options as they get acclimatised. It will be a good idea to help your incoming expat employees prepare a rough monthly budget depending upon their specific requirements.

Inform them about things like the average rent they should be paying in their city of residence. This will help them in understanding the cost of living in India and to manage their overall finances better. Besides these general checkpoints, it is important to update the expats about medical requirements too. Some places in India are rife with mosquitoes and expats are at higher risk to get infected with malaria. It is advisable to take a malaria vaccine before travelling to India.

It is recommended to get Hepatitis A vaccine as expats have a lower immunity to the food and water in India.


Consuming contaminated or poor-quality food and water can infect them with Hepatitis A. It is also advisable to take the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Foreigners visiting India have been known to contract typhoid due to the consumption of contaminated water or food. To stay safe while savouring the delectable Indian food, it is advisable to take a typhoid vaccine before landing in India.

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This is the most important vaccine if the expat that you are hiring is an animal lover. Never miss a great news story!

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Tucked away in the leafy neighbourhood of Malcha Marg, just two kilometres from the Chinese embassy in South Delhi, is Amour Bistro that serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Next to it is Fujiya, a Japanese and Chinese restaurant. Or, think about Bollywood. Over Rs 1, crore. After graduating from Peking University, Amit came to Agra as an exchange student and did a course in Hindi in He then worked as a public affairs manager in Huawei India for five years, and in turned entrepreneur when he founded Draphant, a consultancy to facilitate the entry of Chinese companies into India.

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An angel investor, Amit also heads the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in India, as secretary general, since Overall, investments from China have been increasing across a range of sectors, including mobile and ecommerce, and have gathered steam over the past couple of years.

How does this increased enthusiasm to do business juxtapose with the shrill political rhetoric over the last few weeks? Last week, the Chinese embassy in India issued an advisory to Chinese citizens in India and those planning to travel to India to improve personal safety and avoid unnecessary visits. Both the countries, he argues, are ancient civilisations, have witnessed the same pattern of growth, crisscross each other strategically and are two big, growing economies.

China, he reckons, should be the best partner for India to grow. Chinese companies in India are more givers than takers, and it makes immense sense to focus on business rather than think about distractions, he says. Yuan for Business Amit is not alone in adopting a laser-focused approach. His compatriots are doing it to perfection.


On a humid Thursday afternoon, a couple of Chinese expats are out for a cigarette break.