Numerical mathematics and scientific computation

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May 13 - June 13 Research visit: Bonita V.

Scientific Computing and Applied Math | Computer Science

Computational Mathematics Computational Mathematics involves mathematical research in areas of science where computing plays a central and essential role, emphasizing algorithms, numerical methods, symbolic methods and scientific computing. Affiliations The head of our research group, prof.

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Numerical Mathematics & Scientific Computation

Steven G. Johnson Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics. Jacob K. White Cecil H. Pablo A. Luca Daniel Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Richard Braatz Edwin R. Gilliland Professor of Chemical Engineering. You are here Study All Subjects. Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics and Scientific Computing The degree programme in Scientific Computing focusses on the development of methods and algorithms in applied mathematics and the implementation of these methods, using modern computer technology to apply them to actual situations.

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Applied Shape Optimization for Fluids Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation

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Katrin Mang, 25, Scientific Computing, 4th semester Master.