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The Prizegiving Ceremony took place and the five top classified received presents from the Organizers. To finish the day most of us went to ride karts and later went out for some drinks enjoying the night in Mar de Plata.

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A very fine championship with a fair competition and a very pleasant atmosphere in the "Europist" group, good feeling. That's all friends.

Good luck to you and good winds. Here are the French sailors again. I just start writing this article while some Danish may still be in their cars, coming back from our great national autumn race which took place in Biscarosse, near Bordeaux where the famous wine you all know is made in the Southwest of France. And in these conditions, Danish sailors were better than us with 5 Danish in the top 10 including the 3 first places.

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The whole fleet was divided into 2 groups of respectively 58 and 57 sailors. Now that the weather is getting colder and colder with winter coming to us fast, we hope to see you at Christmas in Toulon, in the South of France for our annual Christmas race.

This race has become famous due to several assets including good weather conditions the strength of the wind is always clever , warm weather, sun and a very good welcome from the club. In addition, it has always be a very friendly race with good conditions, so come to us. Then, it will be a long time before we go back to our boats for racing. Next time, it will be in mid-April in Brittany, in Quiberon. This race will be held from April 16th to 20th, if nothing changes. Finally, I just want to remember all of you that we are always waiting for you to come in France for sailing on our magnificent pools.

Right now we have more than sailors, which is an increase of 20 sailors since last year. Every year we have 4 qualification regattas, which determine the participants in the different international championships. At each of these regattas approximately sailors girls and boys compete together. We all start at the same time, which means we have a very long starting line and a crowded starting area. If you would like to sail with us and practice sailing in a large fleet, we would very much like to invite you to participate in these events.

Please feel welcome to join us. In 4 or 5 other weekends we have some major grand prix sailings sponsored by the Danish Sailing Organisation and Torm, which is a big shipping company. From October to April we only sail in the weekend, as it is getting dark very early. The sailors get together in approximately 6 different places in Denmark.

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Only ice on the water prevents us from sailing. You could call us Vikings.

Outside the Danish sailing season a lot of the Danish sailors participate in sailings arranged in other countries. Last Christmas 3 of us joined the Christmas Race in Toulon. This year certainly more sailors will join. Every year about 65 Danes and their families spend their Easter holidays in Torbole at the northern part of the Lake Garda in Italy. We participate in the Torbole meeting in a good sailing regatta primarily with the Italian sailors, but some Germans and Swedes also participate.

It is a really good start of the new sailing season. We use to participate in the 2 great sailing events in Kiel Pfingstbusch Regatta and the Kieler Woche.

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It is a great event with a lot of sailors from all kind of boat classes staying in Kiel at the same time. Apart from a really professional arranged regatta, there is a kind of festival atmosphere and good and informal getting together between lots of sailors from many countries. We would like to thank the organisers for having made such great, well-organised and successful events.

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The organisers did a great job and so many good assisting persons helped us getting adjusted to the new and very different conditions. We were met by so much interest from the Chinese people, they were a very dedicated audience, and we have never seen such a fantastic marina. If you have heard that there is never wind in China, we can assure you, that at least some times there is much wind. Our team leader took a photo of us sailing in the harbour with some huge waves just outside the harbour pier. We had to pass these breaking waves to sail to the racing area and it was a challenge.

It also was a very new experience for us to sail with the enormous ocean waves and relatively light wind speed. In Denmark huge waves are accompanied by high wind speed.

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Good luck to you! On our website we have published some of the great photos from our trip in China. You should really take a look. You can find them at www. If you would like to participate in some of our regattas, feel free to contact members of the board to get further information.

The 4 qualification regattas will be held on these dates: You can see further on the website: www. FROM NEW ZEALAND Winter time in NZ can be fairly cold especially down in the south island, so only a few have been out sailing, but it has been a busy time for the folks updating our rigs, equipment and bringing seven top boats down from Auckland in the north island, all this was left in the wake of the Olympic class switch.

Those of us who have been fortunate to update have been waiting to see what benefits it will bring when the sailing season started again in September. Now that we have had several races in the new season it has been quite noticeable how much faster those who updated are performing, but the first real test comes on the December when the province of Canterbury holds its championships at Pigeon Bay. Both Rod and the pilot survived but Rods injuries have kept him from trying out his new boat which was one of the seven. Thankfully all their injuries will heal with no disabilities.

The south island sailors are intending to organise a national championship where both the north and south islands fleets can compete together, the two groups have not sailed against each other for many years so it is a mystery as to how well we are all sailing compared to the others. We wish all our fellow sailors a happy Christmas, some of you will probably be having a white one, down here in the southern hemisphere it is sunshine and sailing, meanwhile we send Christmas cards to each other with scenes of sleighs and snow, what a strange world. Camping ground where we have a caravan permanently on site there.

It is the best dinghy sailing water in Canterbury, but we have to drive km from Christchurch to get there, so we stay for the whole weekend, usually having about races over the weekends. Back row, left to right. Front row, left to right. ECF Ranking List 1. Nina Ramm-Schmidt 2.

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Jouni Kokko 3. Maria Saarikallio 4. Pekka Aalto 5. Jasmine Lehtonen 6. I was very surprised, but very glad. You have been sailing the Optimist since you were 7 years old. Why did you choose to sail the Europe Dinghy when you left the Optimist Class?