Schaums Quick Guide to Writing Great Research Papers

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Markman, oct 8, ieee transaction, course notes, fluid outline form.

Schaums quick guide to writing great research papers

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Solution: Find a topic that affords you sufficient information to cover the issue thoroughly. Do I like my topic enough to want to write a research paper on it? Problem: Your instructor likes your topic, your parents like your topic, your buddies like your topic. Even your dog likes your topic. The problem? Solution: You guessed it: Get a new topic.

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This is essential, for everything hinges on your thesis. In what order will you present your ideas?

Schaums Quick Guide to Writing Great Research Papers

An effective thesis statement is designed to answer these questions. A thesis statement is the central point you are arguing in your research paper. Here are the five basic requirements for a thesis statement: 1. It states the topic of the research paper, the main idea. It shows the purpose of your essay; in this case, to persuade your readers that your point is valid and deserves serious consideration.

It shows the direction in which your argument will proceed. A good thesis statement implies or states the order in which your ideas will be presented. It is written in focused, specific language. It is interesting, showing a clear voice and style. List Topics What do you want to know about your subject? What questions do you want answered? Start by listing topics and possible subtopics. As a result, your list will likely include specific details as well as broad topics. But keep in mind that this is a first step— nothing that you write is set in stone. Having trouble?

There are a number of computer software programs available that can help you with this step in your research paper. You may wish to try one and see if it suits your needs. How can you turn this list of subtopics into a thesis statement? Sort the ideas into categories. Select the categories that you want to use. Formulate your thesis around these categories. Write your thesis as a declarative sentence, not a question. Be open to revision. Follow this pattern: I expect to prove that Make an assertion about your topic. Thesis: Women have yet to achieve equality in the workforce. Main points in order: 1. Discrimination must be eliminated. Outmoded sexual stereotypes must be eliminated. Sexual harassment must be eliminated. Internal as well as external pressures must be eliminated.

Research may lead you to revise your thesis, even disprove it, but stating it upfront will point you in the direction of your investigation. Here are some sample thesis statements that you can use as models for a paper of between 7 and 10 pages. Too General Rainforests are irreplaceable On Target Rain forests must be preserved because they offer people many resources we cannot replace. Too Narrow A flat tax helps tax accountants On Target A flat tax would benefit the government, business, and consumers.

The thesis statement clearly states the main idea of my research paper. The thesis statement indicates that I am writing a persuasive essay. If the thesis statement is in response to an assignment, it fulfills the requirements and meets the parameters. The thesis statement is the appropriate scope for the assignment, neither too broad nor too general.


From the thesis statement, readers can see the order in which my ideas will be presented. The thesis statement uses specific language rather than vague, general terms. The thesis statement is interesting, lively, intriguing; it makes my audience want to read the entire paper. The thesis statement shows evidence of original thought and effort.

The topic is fresh and worth my effort to write. The beginning of research is curiosity, its essence is discernment, and its goal is truth and justice.

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No other generation has been blitzed by the avalanche of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, surveys, advertisements, videos, television shows, movies, maps, charts, graphs, CDs, and tapes that we encounter daily. More information has been produced in the last fifty years than in the previous five thousand.

Every day, seven thousand scientific studies are written. The amount of information produced doubles every two years. There is so much information that the huge Library of Congress in Washington D. The information includes written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience—millions of pieces of information. Futurists predict that this onslaught of information will only increase. What impact do these facts have on you as you prepare your research paper? All the information you need is probably available, but you must know how to locate and sort the useful facts from the useless ones.

And with so much out there, knowing how to do research can save you many frustrating hours. Start this process by examining the different kinds of material you can find. Primary and Secondary Sources All research can be sorted into two categories: primary sources and secondary sources. It is important to know the distinction between these two types of sources because they affect how you gather research. The writers were participants or observers in the events they describe. These writers relied on primary sources or other secondary sources for their information.

Most effective research papers often use a mix of both primary and secondary sources. For example, a research paper on the history of comic books might include primary sources such as interviews with industry editors, artists, and writers as well as their blogs.

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The writer will also use secondary sources such as 39 web pages, books, magazine articles, and newspaper articles on the subject. This model research paper appears in Chapter Other topics, in contrast, require more of one type of source material more than the other. A research paper on land use will likely draw data mainly from secondary sources. A paper on bilingual education might use mainly primary sources. Always check with your instructor before you start your research to see if you must use a specific mix of primary and secondary sources.

You will need to evaluate each source individually, whether it is a primary source or a secondary source.