Sea ice: an introduction to its physics, chemistry, biology, and geology

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MwSt, zzgl. It provides a habitat fora rich diversity of marine organisms, and is an extremely valuablesource of information in studies of global climate change and theevolution of present day life forms. Increasingly sea ice is beingused as a proxy for extraterrestrial ice covered systems.

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Sea Ice provides a comprehensive review of our currentavailable knowledge of polar pack ice, the study of which isseverely constrained by the logistic difficulties of working insuch harsh and remote regions of the earth. The book'seditors, Drs Thomas and Dieckmann have drawn together an impressivegroup of international contributing authors, providing awell-edited and integrated volume, which will stand for many yearsas the standard work on the subject. Contents of the book includedetails of the growth, microstructure and properties of sea ice,large-scale variations in thickness and characteristics, itsprimary production, micro-and macrobiology, sea ice as a habitatfor birds and mammals, sea ice biogeochemistry, particulate flux,and the distribution and significance of palaeo sea ice.

Sea Ice is an essential purchase for oceanographers andmarine scientists, environmental scientists, biologists,geochemists and geologists. All those involved in the study ofglobal climate change will find this book to contain a wealth ofimportant information.

Sea Ice: An Introduction to its Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology

The Arctic sea ice and its related biota are unique, and the year-round persistence of the ice has allowed the development of ice endemic species, meaning species not found anywhere else. There are differing scientific opinions about how long perennial sea ice has existed in the Arctic. Estimates range from ,, , or 4 million years ago. The specialized, sympagic i.

Diatoms , a certain type of algae, are considered the most important primary producers inside the ice with more than species occurring in Arctic sea ice. In addition, flagellates contribute substantially to biodiversity , but their species number is unknown. Protozoan and metazoan ice meiofauna , in particular turbellarians , nematodes , crustaceans and rotifers , can be abundant in all ice types year-round.

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In spring, larvae and juveniles of benthic animals e. A partially endemic fauna , comprising mainly gammaridean amphipods , thrive at the underside of ice floes. Locally and seasonally occurring at several individuals m-2, they are important mediators for particulate organic matter from the sea ice to the water column.

Ice-associated and pelagic crustaceans are the major food sources for polar cod Boreogadus saida that occurs in close association with sea ice and acts as the major link from the ice-related food web to seals and whales. While previous studies of coastal and offshore sea ice provided a glimpse of the seasonal and regional abundances and the diversity of the ice-associated biota, biodiversity in these communities is virtually unknown for all groups, from bacteria to metazoans.

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Many taxa are likely still undiscovered due to the methodological problems in analyzing ice samples. The study of diversity of ice related environments is urgently required before they ultimately change with altering ice regimes and the likely loss of the multi-year ice cover. Estimates of how long the Arctic Ocean has had perennial ice cover vary.

Recently, a few coccoliths have been reported from late Pliocene and Pleistocene central Arctic sediment Worsley and Herman, Although this is interpreted to indicate episodic ice-free conditions for the central Arctic, the occurrence of ice-rafted debris with the sparse coccoliths is more easily interpreted to represent transportation of coccoliths from ice-free continental seas marginal to the central Arctic. Subjects Sea ice. Contents Ch.

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Armand and Amy Leventer. Tony Fogg Ch. Dieckmann and Hartmut H. Hellmer Ch. Comiso Ch. Arrigo Ch. Lizotte Ch. Schnack-Schiel Ch.


Ainley, Cynthia T. Tynan and Ian Stirling Ch.

  • Sea ice : an introduction to its physics, chemistry, biology, and geology - EPIC.
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  • Sea Ice An introduction to its Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology - EPIC.
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