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This is the scripting language of the web and allows you to do nearly anything nowadays.

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Focus all of your time on learning this language and this language alone. All of this stuff is great except maybe PHP , but you need to focus on learning one thing well before branching out. Places to start:. Courses to check out:. By this time you should have a collection of good projects and hopefully learned CSS along the way.

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  • This will give you the power to create layouts with ease. Libraries, coding patterns, and best practices change all the time, but the foundation of the language does not.

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    Learning Javascript on a deep level is the key to long term success in web development. Buy this course, go through every lesson of it, and make sure you understand these things before moving forward. Following this guide will help you learn faster, and focus on the most important aspects of web development. If you would be interested in a free video series that follows the the structure of this guide please clap and subscribe! My name is Marcus Wood. I am the founder of Caldera, a full-service digital agency focusing on web applications.

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    Finding the Balance Between Process and Results. Marcus Wood.

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    Marcus Wood Apr Hackernoon Newsletter curates great stories by real tech professionals Get solid gold sent to your inbox. Every week! My workspace. Alexander Buzin Feb I highly recommend Start Here. If this describes you, Alex and Brett have provided a roadmap on how to begin your journey. Start Here is guaranteed to encourage and enable you to Do Hard Things.

    How to do hard things

    I read the entire book in a day! What an encouragement to young people these two brothers are! Within a day of completing this book, my son had formulated a plan of how to raise money to help a child in Ethiopia that he and his youth group are sponsoring. He had talked it out, worked it out, prayed about it and taken action.

    He stepped out in faith. He got up in front of a large group of people and spoke about it this was a major step for him because he really does not like public speaking at all!

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    These two young men have started a movement among teens that I hope does not ever stop…one that shows them that you are not too young for the Lord to use you for His glory! The wisdom these brothers share in this book is ageless as well as timeless. Start Here is a book that, in my opinion, should be read by every Christian teen, youth leader, and parent. It not only tells, but shows, how to live a Biblical based life doing hard things for the glory of God.

    I loved the practicality.

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    It really helped me guide me through doing hard things. I enjoyed the personal stories, hearing how other people did hard things. From these stories Alex and Brett build their foundation for Start Here. Readers will find practical advice, timely wisdom, a list of suggestions of hard things to try, discussions for deeper study of each chapter, and a greater motivation to stay faithful to their God-given callings. Start Here is an excellent book for teens, or anyone taking the mission to go deeper with God and do the things he calls them to with excellence. Read it.