The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery, Book 2)

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Characters repeat things over and over and often stop to take a break and go into a 30 minute recap of their thoughts. The audible version of the book is over 13 hours long and I often found myself losing interest and just wishing they would get done with their babbling and get on with the plot.

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There should have been more doing and less telling, and more action. Its a ton. David suddenly becomes a super-learned historian. Sloan and Ares continue to be one dimensional.

Book review: The Atlantis Plague

Sloan accidentally becomes nuanced and interesting after a helicopter crash, but the author quickly puts an end to that. Sloan does regularly have temper tantrums which is actually quite amusing. Kate spends most of the book going in circles and only becomes interesting in the end parts of the novel. There are a few really interesting reveals about some new characters and it was interesting to keep guessing their motivations and intent.

And not to spoil anything, but there is a murder on a boat.

The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller (the Origin Mystery, Book 2) -

What I did care about was the Atlantis backstory and the gene manipulation, and ultimately I think that is why I found the story rewarding. The book really meandered and got lost for a good portion, but then near the end it really started getting good finally.

Overall, there are quite a few parts that save the story and make it worth reading. I just wished it was maybe half of the length, with all the boring and repetitive stuff removed. Email Address.

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The Atlantis Plague Review

Now humanity's last hope is to find a cure, and Kate alone holds the key to unraveling the mystery surrounding the Atlantis Plague. The answer may lie in understanding pivotal events in human history--events when the human genome mysteriously changed. Kate's journey takes her across the barren wastelands of Europe and northern Africa, but it's her research into the past that takes her where she never expected to go. She soon discovers that the history of human evolution is not what it seems--and setting it right may require a sacrifice she never imagined.

All other roads lead to ruin. Only fools fight fate.

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This global adventure takes readers back into the world of The Origin Mystery, which began with A. The series is currently in development at CBS Films to be a major motion picture. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

The Atlantis Gene A Thriller The Origin Mystery Book 1

Add to Wishlist. USD Overview The Atlantis Plague is the second book in A.

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Riddle's bestselling Origin Mystery trilogy currently in development to be a major motion picture. Product Details.