The History of Modern Fashion: From 1850

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Daniel James Cole and Nancy Deihl are the authors of the new book, The History of Modern Fashion September , and they were gracious enough to answer a few questions about their new publication from Laurence King, the publishing process, and their vision for the book. This new book covers the history of fashion from and is lavishly illustrated.

How did the book, as a project begin, and develop? How long did it take to research, write and publish? The publisher, Laurence King, based in London, approached the fashion design department at FIT about the possibility of a fashion history book. Daniel teaches in that department and was definitely interested in the opportunity and asked me to join him.

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It took us over six years to research and write and have it brought to print. My assumption is that you intend it to be used as a fashion history textbook with some cross over appeal to the general market.

by Cole, Daniel James; Deihl, Nancy

The History of Modern Fashion works well for textbook use. The s and 60s were notable in terms of developments of the designer system and also technologies, both important for laying the groundwork for 20th century fashion. We also made sure to include subheadings, a glossary, and really explicit captions so every word is an opportunity to inform!

The general public seems to be enthusiastic as well.

I spoke at an NYU alumni event last week — and as you know Steinhardt alums range from musicians to physical therapists — and there was a fantastic response to the book! Six hundred images is a LOT! Yes, images is a lot. Have any questions? Need anything clarified?

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If you need to ask anything, about any of the web pages within this Google site then please feel free to leave Mr. Magann a message by clicking on the image above. AND C. After a period of increased trade during the 's and 's, a new class of citizens emerged in society. These people were the middle class citizens. Through trade, these middle class citizens became wealthy, and displayed this through wearing fashionable clothes in the 's.

The History of Modern Fashion: From by Cole, Daniel James; Deihl, Nancy

Fashion magazines aimed directly at the middle class emerged, depicting women's fashion as extremely extravagant. In Australia, the discovery of gold brought people from all over the world. This greatly influenced women's fashion particularly. The crinoline changed the shape of women's fashion during this period.

The crinoline extended the fullness of skirts from the waist down.

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Some skirts could even measure 10 metres in circumference. The circular front caused some inconvenience, making it difficult to get close to others. Most women wore crinolines, even those working in factories.

Book Review: The History of Modern Fashion

Crinolines caused havoc in factories where glass and china were made, as women constantly knocked products off the shelf. As the crinoline grew, so did doorways to accommodate this. Women's sleeves were large and droopy until the Victorian Era. These balloon sleeves became more fitted after the 's.


The first haute couture fashion houses were established in Paris during the 's. By Mid-Victorian Era , men began to wear loose fitting jackets. It was also fashionable to wear large fur-lined coats with a big collar and cuffs. The invention of the bustle helped to slim down women's dresses. The shape of a bustle is pictured to the right.