The Sound Bite Society : Television and the American Mind

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I will take up again the question of narra- tive authority as embodied in images. In this chapter I will also examine the conflation of worlds that is provoked by the ontological character of the high-fidelity image and the structural practices of image producers and me- dia, a conflation between representation and reality which borrows authority from reality and transfers dynamics of representationality to reality.

I will look at the conflation of self and image, and how such a conflation necessari- ly doubles us, at least, placing ourselves in relation to ourselves as other to ourselves, as viewed and viewer. In both chapters 3 and 4, then, I will examine the mythologized character [B Part II will then offer the primary concrete analysis of this book through [B In chapter 7, I will look at how some marketing cam- paigns configure market activity, the act of consumption itself, as a kind of moral activism.

Finally, in chapter 8, I will directly address the question as to what morality has to already be in popular culture in order to have been configured and used within marketing in the ways analyzed. I will propose that morality must already be a kind of sociological propaganda along the lines theorized by Jacques Ellul. They tell us stories about our dream worlds and dream selves. In this book, I examine how marketing draws upon and reshapes a growing moral- ism in popular culture that lends itself to market use because it is itself configured as commodity.

Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven M. Tipton New York: Knopf, , There are many such voices, including influential thinkers both more popular, such as Neil Postman and Noam Chomsky, and scholarly, such as Jean Baudrillard, and also others more sharply focused on the potential harms of advertising and popular culture, such as Jack- son Katz, Sut Jhally, and Jean Kilbourne. I believe much of their collective analysis, if not always their arguments or conclusions, is cogent and apt. Scheuer, Richard Adler, ed. Related Papers.

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